Michael M. Sax

is a lawyer and businessman with over three and a half decades of experience advising families and their businesses in commercial real estate, e-commerce, domestic and international business matters.


To augment his experience and technical skills with a deeper understanding of business families and the unique issues they face, Michael completed the one year UBC's Sauder School of Business, Family Enterprise Advisor program and received certification as an Family Enterprise AdvisorTM from The Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors.

Michael incorporates social and human considerations into his role as a trusted advisor, so that he can guide families on strategies to help them through their unique business challenges, from present day corporate governance to planning multi-generational transitions.



Along with the Family Enterprise AdvisorTM certification in 2013, Michael has a masters degree in international law (LL.M) and holds an Institute of Corporate Directors Designate (ICD.D).  Combined with his extensive experience in legal work and complicated private investments (including several family held businesses), these qualifications allow Michael to apply a unique array of applied skills and practical knowledge to families and their businesses.

Michael is a long distance road cyclist, an avid skier and a "walk in the park with friends" golfer


  • Michael M. Sax is a FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR ™, and a Lawyer, active in professional, community and charity leadership roles.
  • Director experience on business and volunteer boards.
  •  Informal and formal advisory experience.
  • Sound understanding of corporate board governance.
  • Strong research and analytical skills useful in understanding the organization’s strategy, its capabilities and its competitive environment.
  • Financially literate and experienced in managing a healthy investment-holding corporation.
  • Worked with business and law clients who have experienced bad financial times assisting them in turn around and helping them through their funding requirements, which experience has helped him assess risk and reward.
  • International experience, advised individuals and corporations in a multitude of countries. Holds a Masters of Law in International Trade and Competition Law. Has authored a paper entitled “International Electronic Trade, Carrying out Consumer and Commercial Transactions” and Co authoring & Co-editing The International Sales Transactions checklist for the International Bar Association, a comprehensive legal guide for international commerce.
                    To obtain a pdf copy of the checklist, please download from this link:
    The International Sales Transactions checklist
  • Experienced in closely held private corporations with founder succession issues.
  • Provided advice on the integration of employee shareholders’, founder shareholders’ and investors rights.

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